Have you ever stumbled on beauty and fallen into the arms of splendor? Okay, I know I might be sounding cheesy but just think about it for a sec. Imagine you are walking on the beach somewhere in Lamu Island. Above you the big blue sky. Beneath you the soft white sand. Besides you the smiling blue ocean. Then you stumble and fall, right into the waiting arms of the beach. Instead of feeling pain, you feel the soft sand massaging your elbows at the exact moment that small waves of the ocean water slide onto the soles of your feet. I promise you that would feel like falling into the arms of splendor.

Such is the feeling that the Maasai Jambo Sandals will give you when you step into them.

These sandals have straps that will keep your feet protected and comfortable. Seriously, just take a look at this sandal. Not just a quick glance. But a lingering look, as if you are staring intently as the rising sun as it peeps out of the Eastern horizon. Do you see how that combination of blue, red, green, yellow, white and black blends together in the sweetest of ways. The fusion of those colours is so beautiful that you have to count them to realize that they are actually six colours!