We are Africa’s marketplace for African products. If it is made in Africa, if it depicts the soul of Africa, if it oozes the passion of Africans, if it is handcrafted by talented African hands, you will find it here.  

You will find here Maasai Sandals for women. They are chic, trendy, hip, cool, stylish, long-lasting and authentically African. Step into Africa.

You will find here African necklaces whose beautiful designs are straight from the creative belly of Mama Africa. Embrace Africa.

You will find here African earrings that dazzling dangle will remind you of that authentic place of beauty that lives somewhere in your imagination. High five Africa!

You will find here African tops for men that will make you ask yourself, ‘why am I just discovering this now?!!’ Better late than never. Wear Africa.

You will find African tops for women that exemplify stunning beauty at its best. Wear Africa.

You will find African dresses that are so beautiful it hurts. Feel Africa.

We don’t want to spoil the fun of discovery for you! Discover the rest for yourself. There are hundreds of different African products here at Sasafrica.Shop. After all, we are in the business of Unveiling Africa. And Celebrating Africa through African products that are nurtured in intensely creative juices that flow like the mighty River Nile all over the continent.

Embrace Africa.  

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Unveiling Africa

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Unveiling Africa